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About us

RD Research & TECHNOLOGY began operations in 2006 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, since its inception has focused on providing society with products and services of high quality, distinguished by its dynamism, innovation and development of new technologies.

The company is dedicated to developing and commercializing the discoveries of national research, especially in the area of development of MEMS and NEMS for medicine, flexible, aerospace electronics and alternative energy, in order to increase the quality of life at the national and global levels. Also provides engineering design and virtual simulation.

RD Research & TECHNOLOGY is supported by an international network of component suppliers, scientific and technological services to help develop a collaborative environment for project development.

In 2013, as a strategy of expansion and in partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas RD Research Technology USA LLC is established, based in Dallas Texas.


Being a leader in providing engineering services and development of micro and nanotechnologies, through offering innovative solutions to our customers, being recognized by positively impact society by promoting the development and national economic growth.


Offer design services and virtual simulation and development of MEMS and NEMS devices through innovative projects with scientific approach-technology, ensuring our customers integrated solutions sustained in specialized infrastructure and a team of trained professionals to implement next-generation technologies worldwide.